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Tegra118 Releases New Enhancements to Fee Billing and Revenue Management Solution

September 21, 2020

Tegra118 Releases New Enhancements to Fee Billing and Revenue Management Solution

September 21, 2020

Advantage Fee version 8.5 includes advanced user experience and persona-based UI functionality, increased cloud compatibility, greater API integration, and new invoice automation workflow

Warren, N.J., June 29, 2020 Tegra118, a top provider of wealth and asset management technology solutions – and a portfolio company of Motive Partners, a specialist private equity

firm – announced it will release version 8.5 of its comprehensive, cloud-based billing and revenue management solution Advantage Fee™ that includes new enhancements to further simplify fee billing and invoice operations for financial institutions across the globe. The enhancements are an addition to significant investment in technology modernization including investments in APIs, state of the art UI/UX and move to the cloud.

Starting on June 30, 2020, the new release will include:

  • Greater operational, persona-based UI functionality for an enhanced user experience and increased operational efficiency
  • New cloud compatibility with Amazon Web Services (AWS) in addition to Microsoft® Azure for comprehensive enterprise-level deployment
  • Enhanced REST API catalog and additional endpoints for better upstream/downstream integration
  • Greater process automation with new invoice automation in addition to account onboarding built using Appway technology

“Our clients and prospects are looking for a state of the art billing and revenue management solution,” said Tito Singh, Chief Revenue Officer, Tegra118.  “Our investments and enhancements to Advantage Fee provide the solution they are looking for, leading to a stronger pipeline and increased client satisfaction.”

The new enterprise enhancements to Tegra118’s Advantage Fee platform help reduce total cost of ownership for financial institutions with simplified cloud-based and API integrations, a more intuitive persona-based user experience, and automated invoice and account onboarding. The powerful calculation engine in Tegra118’s Advantage Fee is used by leading wealth management, custody and trust firms around the world to aggregate and process high volumes of financial transactions, calculate fees based on fee agreements, and automate invoicing for financial services.

“We have been partnering closely with our clients to identify new use cases where we can provide solution enhancements and continue to guide the industry forward with our platform,” said Kashyap Kapasi, Director, Product Management and Strategy, Tegra118. “Our collaboration has yielded significant enhancements to our offering with each subsequent release, creating a powerfully compelling and holistic package that resonates well with our clients.”

About Tegra118

Tegra118 is an industry leading provider of software solutions to the wealth and asset management industry with a vast network of broker-dealers, asset managers, and custodians and trading interfaces. Its technology platform provides portfolio management, trading, accounting, rebalancing and reporting for managed accounts. Tegra118 also provides modular, goals-based financial planning, performance reporting and fee billing software for financial advisors and asset managers using modern API-based open technology. Tegra118 is committed to delivering powerful solutions that set a new standard for how people interact with, manage, and grow their wealth. Together with our clients, we are building the future of wealth management technology.

Tegra118 is a portfolio company of Motive Partners, a next-generation investment firm focused on technology enabled companies that power the financial services industry. For more information, please visit


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