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Advice Solutions

Support and scale all the services that advisors need. Tegra118 Advice is a flexible, front-office solution helping advisors at every step: creating holistic, goals-based plans, simulating retirement income scenarios, executing against personalized plans, and simplifying workflow and practice management.



Support advisor and enterprise growth:  Greater flexibility to scale services that advisors need to support both goals-based and comprehensive plans on one system

Best-in-class technology and ease of use:  Supports advisor efficiency with system flexibility and open integrations (APIs) for a seamless user experience

Total solution set of advisor tools: Enables smarter and faster investor decisions with the ability to work collaboratively through multiple what-if and retirement income scenarios


Goals-Based Planning

Multiple Goals-based and comprehensive financial planning options.
What-if modeling with multiple scenarios creation.Automate goal strategies and resource allocator.
Progressive Rebalancing and Tax Rate.
Goal progress monitoring and reporting.
Integration with portfolio construction and proposals tools.

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Retirement Income

For more information on Retirement Income please visit Tegra118’s RetireUp.
Cash flow profile modeling of specific annuity products under different scenarios in financial plans.
Specific annuity products made available for analysis on the platform by annuity manufacturers.
Asset managers decide which broker-dealers and advisors have access to their products.
Easy to grasp Risk and Income Stability scores.

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Proposal Generation

Custom model portfolio creation and management.
Overlay comparison.Application-wide configurability options.
Investments research through partner integrations.
Document library.

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"We are partnering closely with the Motive Partners team, and together, have a shared vision and a relentless mindset to create the platform of the future and reimagine the way the world interacts with wealth."

Cheryl Nash, CEO, Tegra118