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Intelligence Solutions

Tegra118 Intelligence Solutions span our integrated, end-to-end technology to bring you deep, meaningful insights in a user-friendly way. Easily sync and leverage data across your enterprise, unlock real-time insights, and identify business opportunities with modern forecasting and insights solutions for advisors, investment managers, traders, and operations teams. 


  • Leverage data fabric for business process management, analytics and business event processing
  • Enable and expand capabilities for digital investors, home offices, and advisors using APIs and integration
  • Simplify and industrialize solutions to offer capabilities as a service
  • Create an experience that is cost-effective, scalable and delivered on the cloud


  • Tools to inform advisors of past client interactions across all channels and business processes

  • 360-degree insights for advisors into their existing and prospective client needs

  • Benchmarks for managers on their usage across advisors

  • Analytics on model usage across channels

  • Benchmarks for independent RIAs across their peer group

"We are partnering closely with the Motive Partners team, and together, have a shared vision and a relentless mindset to create the platform of the future and reimagine the way the world interacts with wealth."

Cheryl Nash, CEO, Tegra118