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Operations Solutions

Our middle- and back-office portfolio accounting solution was built with investment managers, traders, and operations teams in mind. Easily automate sleeve and tax lot accounting, reconcile trades efficiently and securely, consolidate investment data for analysis and reporting, and minimize operational risk with Tegra118 Operations.


A powerful portfolio accounting engine built to support single and multi-sleeve managed accounts with real-time reporting

Multi-vehicle and multi-asset class solution with related trading, tax management and rebalancing tools

Composite performance calculations support dollar-weighted, equal-weighted and pooled, or aggregate methodologies

Event automation with configurable program rules


Portfolio Accounting

Multisleeve: A single Unified Managed Account (UMA) structure supports SMA, MFA, ETF, RPM, and RPA strategies alongside individual securities on the same platform, with sleeve-level portfolio accounting regardless of the number of sleeves.

Overlay Management: Facilitates all types of relationships with 3rd party managers for model delivery, hybrid, passive strategies. Supports packaged and custom allocations and enables firms to maintain multiple programs on a single platform.

Rebalancing: Rebalance automatically on anniversary dates or rebalance ad-hoc as a result of portfolio drift. Sleeve managers have access to sleeve-level rebalancing tools.

Rep-Directed Sleeves: Supports rep in UMA, RPM/RPA and rep as overlay manager.

Reporting: Run reports of true sleeve level performance, all built on an industry-leading sleeve-level portfolio accounting system.

Tax Sensitivity: Apply rules-based tax filters to trading tools, including automated tax lot swapping among sleeves, short-term gain deferral and gain/loss harvesting.

Trading Tools: Trade total accounts and individual sleeve levels simultaneously with model and non-model, multiple accounts with multiple models and single sleeve and multisleeve UMAs.

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“We are partnering closely with the Motive Partners team, and together, have a shared vision and a relentless mindset to create the platform of the future and reimagine the way the world interacts with wealth.”

Cheryl Nash, CEO, Tegra118