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Portfolio Solutions

A powerful portfolio management and trading solution that’s highly customizable, easily scalable, and built for the front, middle and back office. We streamline the entire portfolio management process – from account opening to trade execution to reconciliation – so you can easily manage portfolios, tailor and analyze risk, identify tax efficiencies, enhance trade routing and execution, and manage and distribute model portfolios at scale.


Industry leading Managed Account platform: A single account structure for all managed account types (UMA, RPM, RPA, SMA, MFA) provides operational efficiency and simplification throughout the investor life cycle and a better experience for the investor and advisor

The most scalable wealth management platform in the industry: The Tegra118 wealth platform is designed to handle complex, high volume transactions, allowing your firm to scale and grow

Robust trading tools enhance the advisor and home office experience: Users have access to the most sophisticated trading tools necessary to manage multiple managed account programs

Automation reduces manual processes: By reducing manual and redundant processes, optimize integrity of client data, safekeeping records and reporting


Portfolio Management and Trading

Scalable trading efficiencies: Access robust capabilities for trade order generation, drift monitoring/rebalancing, pre-trade compliance, order management tools, trading solutions (block options), overlay management, tax-aware trading, rules-based dashboard monitoring.

Account maintenance: Streamline portfolio management with one-click access to all relevant account data and decision-support tools.

Alerts: Easily managed exceptions in the trading workflow, with minimal clicks from account alerts on the user’s dashboard.

Compliance: See all restrictions that impact accounts – global (firm-wide), semiglobal (program-wide), and individual (at the account level). Improve monitoring, with specific compliance violations by account, and messaging or batch file upload of drift violation data.

Customization: Deliver a customized interface for each user or group of users based on permissions (show/hide specific options, tools, alerts, account fields or screens) and set dashboard alert parameters. Customize the user experience and branding, while displaying client data in a graphic-enriched format.

Home office: Achieve home-office oversight across the entire book of business. Create and assign models for specific groups of users (or all users), along with additional home-office permissions or controls for model access and program rules.

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Model Management and Distribution

Model hub: Select models from over 300 money managers.

Models: Model management is tightly integrated with Tegra118 portfolio management and trading tools. Support third-party management of investment models and facilitate communication of model information from managers to sponsors, and model data reporting to program participants.

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“We are partnering closely with the Motive Partners team, and together, have a shared vision and a relentless mindset to create the platform of the future and reimagine the way the world interacts with wealth.”

Cheryl Nash, CEO, Tegra118