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Perspective - March 7, 2020

IWD: Let's Together Lead the Charge for Change

It feels right that my first published article as a newly appointed Chief Executive Officer is in celebration of our day—International Women’s Day. And as I embrace my new role, the weight of being one among the 19% of women who hold a C-suite position in the US is a reality I take to heart. Being a woman in technology and financial services for over 30 years, I know a little something about the challenges and hurdles of the path to leadership. As an executive with a strong network of women and men, I am compelled to help lead the charge for change. Leaders play a significant and key role in seeing to it that today’s talent can elevate to become tomorrow’s diverse leaders. As I am discovering, my own efforts toward this mission are among my most fulfilling and, I believe, mutually rewarding.

Perspective - July 10, 2020

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