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A Conversation with Cheryl Nash, Suzanne Siracuse and Evamarie Schoenborn

Connecting, Communicating, Leading and Learning through Crisis. 

A three-part limited video webcast series led by industry influencer and thought leader Suzanne Siracuse and Cheryl Nash, CEO of Tegra118, featuring some of the industry’s leading executives.

Perspective - March 27, 2020

In it Together: 3/27/20 Tegra118 Update

During our more than 35 years in business, Tegra118 (formerly Fiserv Investment Services) has stood dedicated and duty-bound in support of our clients and associates through some very challenging times. We cherish the enduring relationships we share with our clients and our people and we’re taking every measure to preserve and protect them.

Perspective - December 16, 2020

Tegra118 Selected by Challenger to Strengthen Revenue and Invoice Management

Advantage Fee™ will enhance fee billing and invoice efficiencies, eliminate manual processes and minimize risk