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In it Together: 3/27/20 Tegra118 Update

March 27, 2020

In it Together: 3/27/20 Tegra118 Update

March 27, 2020

During our more than 35 years in business, Tegra118 (formerly Fiserv Investment Services) has stood dedicated and duty-bound in support of our clients and associates through some very challenging times. We cherish the enduring relationships we share with our clients and our people and we’re taking every measure to preserve and protect them.

We’ve got you and your business covered.

As we all navigate through this uncertain time, we know that the unwavering commitment and service from our teams and the high performance and stability of our systems to support you and your firm is vital. While our associates are working remotely and adhering to essential social distancing, you can be assured they are well-connected and have access to the full range of tools and resources they need to provide continuous and steady coverage and support. As reported in my March 20th message, we have mobilized our Tegra118 Task Force to ensure quick assessment and rapid responsiveness to your requests. We are proactively monitoring call and ticket volumes and adding additional support where needed. As well, we continue to maintain steady focus and adherence to our business continuity plan and preparedness.

Our trading platforms are working well and supporting the increased trade volume across all our clients.

We have seen increased trade volumes most days across our Managed Account Trading Platforms. As you’ve come to expect, we have dedicated operational staff monitoring system performance and trade files. We have successfully kept up with the increased volumes. Our core competency around stability and performance is showing well in this uncharted time we are experiencing. Please keep in close contact with your account teams to communicate large rebalances. We are here to support you and your teams as you work hard to support your investors.

We’re connected to multiple digital communications channel options.

We’re homebound today out of necessity, however, prior to COVID-19, an increase in telecommuting has given us access to several high-quality audio and video resource options. Our teams have become ‘telecommute fluent’ and are seamlessly using many digital communications tools to comfortably accommodate our clients’ preferences. While we’re always accessible by phone and online support, we’re also using Zoom, Skype, Microsoft Teams, and WebEx daily and stand ready to ‘see’ you and serve you as we manage through this crisis.

We continue to invest in our technology and our people.

Motive Partners invested in our business because they believe in the value and strength of our foundation, the resiliency and growth opportunity of our technology platform, and the expertise and commitment of our people. We are determined to create a new standard in wealthtech innovation and proactively guide the wealth management industry and the clients we serve with deep purpose and unparalleled value. And you have my word that we will keep investing to see that vision through.

We are monitoring potential changes across multiple areas.

We’re monitoring many areas and are ready to support as necessary. This includes our India team who is now completely remote, the potential early closing time of the NY Stock Exchange and the potential to go to negative interest rates. Our teams are working on solutions to be ready to support any changes, should they occur.

We’re here for you—please let us know how we can help by contacting me or your Client Service team. We’ll get through this time…as we have those other times.

You are in our continued thoughts. Stay safe, be healthy.

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