Retirement Income: Enriching Advisor-Investor Conversations with Technology

The conversation about retirement is changing and redefining financial planning. Market volatility has highlighted the need for safe and secure lifetime income. With millions of baby boomers retiring and seeking to preserve and stretch their nest eggs, advisors and investors can benefit from collaborative discussions that address their long-term income needs in the post-pandemic era. In this LinkedIn Live conversation, industry influencer April Rudin sits with Tegra118’s Rich Keltner, Director of Product Management and Michael Roth, Head of Retirement to discuss how technology is making it easier to solve for clients’ retirement and lifetime income.

Perspective - March 20, 2020

Business As Usual Has A New Look For Leaders

If ever there was a time for leaders to lead, this is our moment. It was just a few short weeks ago that we announced the successful close of our joint venture with Motive Partners and it was an honor for me to be named CEO. On any given day, leading a business is an enormous responsibility; during this uncharted time, the weight and gravity is unprecedented. Certainly, the expression ‘business as usual’ has a new look.

Perspective - September 17, 2020

Tegra118 Elements Welcome Video: The Future Holds Limitless Possibilities...

Over the last several months, the wealth and asset management industry has been mightily challenged to adapt and transform within a rapidly changing world. The companies that quickly pivoted to address our new normal – ideating, shifting and mobilizing in the throes of a global crisis – reinforced an expectation that perhaps we can, and should, fast-track everything. The past and ‘what once was’ is purely a reference point as we look ahead, fixed on the future.Indeed, the pace of change will only accelerate. Surviving and thriving requires all of us to do the same. To help illuminate our path forward, we will convene Tegra118 Elements Virtual Conference, bringing together industry leaders and influencers. Centered around the ACCELERATE theme, we will specifically examine four pillars:1. A hunger for greater productivity; 2. The drive for faster growth; 3. A call for social consciousness, and 4. A compulsion to race into the future of…limitless