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Tegra118 Intern Spotlight Interview: Aromal Suresh [2020] - Software Development

Tegra118 releases our fourth installment of the 6-part 2020 Summer Internship Spotlight Interview series with our Software Development Intern, Aromal Suresh!

The Tegra118 Intern Spotlight series was written, produced and edited collectively by our Tegra118 Intern Class of 2020.

Perspective - June 8, 2020

Leading Independent Broker-Dealer Automates, More Time for Client Advisory

Find more time for client advisory thanks to automated operations.

Perspective - March 7, 2020

IWD: Let's Together Lead the Charge for Change

It feels right that my first published article as a newly appointed Chief Executive Officer is in celebration of our day—International Women’s Day. And as I embrace my new role, the weight of being one among the 19% of women who hold a C-suite position in the US is a reality I take to heart. Being a woman in technology and financial services for over 30 years, I know a little something about the challenges and hurdles of the path to leadership. As an executive with a strong network of women and men, I am compelled to help lead the charge for change. Leaders play a significant and key role in seeing to it that today’s talent can elevate to become tomorrow’s diverse leaders. As I am discovering, my own efforts toward this mission are among my most fulfilling and, I believe, mutually rewarding.