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Intern Spotlight Interview: Aromal Suresh - Software Development [2020]

Intern Spotlight Interview: Aromal Suresh – Software Development (Summer 2020)

Tegra118 releases our fourth installment of the 6-part 2020 Summer Internship Spotlight Interview series with our Software Development Intern, Aromal Suresh. Watch the video to learn more about his experience in the software development team, building and coding impactful products and making a positive impact on the future of wealth technology.

The Tegra118 Intern Spotlight series was written, produced and edited collectively by our Tegra118 Intern Class of 2020.

Perspective - November 30, 2020

Panel Discussion: The Wealth Management's Innovation Imperative

How do the winners in wealth management leverage technology and data to accelerate client and talent acquisition, maintain operational efficiency and adapt with agility?

Perspective - July 21, 2020

Tegra118’s RetireUp Adds Protective Life Insurance Company to Growing Roster of Insurance Carriers

Builds momentum in solving for retirement and lifetime income needs by continuing to add products from top-tier insurance carriers on its comprehensive platform