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Tegra118 Intern Spotlight Interview: Raymund Caringal [2020] - Software Engineer

Tegra118 releases our second segment of a 6-part 2020 Summer Internship Spotlight Interview series with our Software Engineer Intern, Raymond Caringal!

The Tegra118 Intern Spotlight series was written, produced and edited collectively by our Tegra118 Intern Class of 2020.

Perspective - July 27, 2020

Retirement Income: Enriching Advisor-Investor Conversations with Technology

The conversation about retirement is changing and redefining financial planning. Market volatility has highlighted the need for safe and secure lifetime income. With millions of baby boomers retiring and seeking to preserve and stretch their nest eggs, advisors and investors can benefit from collaborative discussions that address their long-term income needs in the post-pandemic era. In this LinkedIn Live conversation, industry influencer April Rudin sits with Tegra118’s Rich Keltner, Director of Product Management and Michael Roth, Head of Retirement to discuss how technology is making it easier to solve for clients’ retirement and lifetime income.

Perspective - June 17, 2020

Tegra118 Welcomes Erin Laschinger as Vice President, Strategy

Financial services executive to lead new partnerships and drive corporate strategy and execution