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Unified Managed Account - Celent and Tegra118 Discuss Emerging Trends

Unified Managed Accounts Emerging Trends – how do we leverage them as a catalyst for growth?

For certain investors, a unified managed account (UMA) could help streamline investment management. It is professionally managed, and can hold a variety of different investments. This option is preferred if an investor has substantial assets and a high net worth overall. Tune in to the video featuring Will Trout, Celent and Richard Keltner, Tegra118 to learn more about emerging trends with UMA and how to effectively boost business growth, operational efficiency and streamline workflows in your wealth management firm.

You will learn:

  • What is a UMA?
  • Converging trends fuelling UMA growth
  • The benefits and best practices of UMA
  • Use cases in UMA technology and how the appropriate infrastructure and implementations can boost operational efficiency for wealth managers
  • Where is UMA headed?

Learn more about the Seven Best Practices of Unified Managed Accounts on here.

Download our Unified Managed Account (UMA) Fact Sheet to learn more about the solution that provides a unified and consistent user experience to enable advisors to take a comprehensive approach towards their clients’ portfolios and delivery value beyond expectations.

Perspective - May 12, 2020

Tegra118 Discusses Risk Tolerance With Michael Kitces And Skip Massengill

With the outbreak of the coronavirus and its impact on financial markets, it may seem like an odd time for financial advisors to consider whether clients have taken the appropriate amount of risk to reach their goals.  But that was exactly the conversation I had earlier this year with Michael Kitces, now head of planning strategy at Buckingham Wealth Partners and publisher of the Nerd’s Eye View blog for financial advisors, and Skip Massengill, founder of the Retirement Education Institute.

Perspective - June 11, 2020

Tegra118 Acquires Retirement Planning Fintech RetireUp

RetireUp enables dynamic client-advisor interactions on retirement income, bringing exciting new capabilities to Tegra118’s front office solution set.

Perspective - April 27, 2020

Safeguarding Your Portfolio Management and Trading Infrastructure During Crisis

Extreme market volatility fueled by the pandemic harkens back to the dark days of 2008. During that financial crisis, managers struggled to protect their vital infrastructures.