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Panel Discussion: The Wealth Management's Innovation Imperative

How do the winners in wealth management leverage technology and data to accelerate client and talent acquisition, maintain operational efficiency and adapt with agility?

Companies have quickly (and virtually) pivoted–ideating, shifting, mobilizing in light of the twists and turns that 2020 has brought on.

To maintain industry-leading position and gain ground across new territories of opportunities as a relentless global pandemic endures, we tune in to learn how some experts are navigating this unprecedented crisis.

In this panel you’ll hear from top industry leaders on how the winners in wealth and asset management are leveraging technology and data, approaching talent acquisition and retention, and accelerating efforts for delivery of exceptional next-gen client engagement and experiences.

Perspective - December 4, 2020

Video: Tito Singh and Matt Johnston, CEO, Red Rock Strategic Partners

Red Rock Strategic Partnership Alliance Video Series: The first video in our Tegra118 Alliances series includes a discussion led by Tito Singh, Chief Revenue Officer, Tegra118 with guest Matt Johnston, CEO, Red Rock Strategic Partners. Tito and Matt discuss the Tegra118/Red Rock strategic partnership and how we will work together to help firms uncover real value in their technology investment.

Perspective - June 19, 2020

A Conversation with Cheryl Nash, Suzanne Siracuse and Joe Nadreau

Listen in on this webinar with prominent industry leaders.