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Turnkey Asset Management Program Providers (TAMP)

Access powerful portfolio management and back-office technology that’s both highly modular and end-to-end. Our tailored, easily integrated technology does the heavy lifting for you, scaling with your business to deliver a best-in-class experience to every client you serve.



Tegra118 Advice

Support and scale the services advisors expect with a flexible, front-office solution. Our platform helps streamline key services –  holistic, goal-based planning, portfolio construction, and account opening, onboarding, and execution – while simplifying workflow and practice management.

Tegra118 Portfolio

Our nimble, end-to-end portfolio management solution can be tailored to a wide range of end-client needs. It can scale to support significant AUM and account growth. And it can easily integrate with existing systems to lower your operational costs.

Tegra118 Open

Access our wealth ecosystem for flexible, plug-and-play solutions connecting you to our network of 120+ asset managers for third party strategies and 60+ custodians for trade routing.  Expand your offerings and identify new opportunities to scale and grow your business.

Working with Tegra118

We’ll be your closest collaborators, working alongside you to prioritize and build solutions that are truly relevant to your needs, today and tomorrow.

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